Our story

Levelling the Playfield

1.7 Billion people are unbanked, and nearly 2 billion more can be considered underbanked. Our goal is to make banking accessible to all, providing real-time retail payments infrastructure that supports inclusive, interoperable digital economies.

We are dedicated to building a thriving ecosystem, collaborating with industry partners, and empowering individuals and businesses with the transformative capabilities of our 1 million TPS blockchain technology. Together, we can shape a future where transactions are instant, secure, and accessible to all, unlocking unprecedented opportunities in the global digital economy.

We have developed a blockchain infrastructure that achieves an extraordinary TPS rate of 1 million, far surpassing any existing blockchain technology. This exceptional speed ensures that transactions are processed swiftly, eliminating bottlenecks and facilitating real-time interactions.

We prioritize the utmost security and trust within our blockchain ecosystem. Our technology employs robust cryptographic protocols, smart contract audits, and advanced consensus mechanisms to prevent tampering, fraud, and unauthorized access.

With our high-speed blockchain, we enable near-instantaneous and lower-cost transactions, revolutionizing payment systems, cross-border remittances, and financial services.

1 Billion

involved in expensive cross border remittance.

1.7 Billion

are Unbanked
and nearly 2 billion more can be considered underbanked


Poorest cannot open a bank account and are excluded from financial system

Unlocking Global Trade


Our vision is to create an immense potential of our high-speed blockchain technology. We envision a future where transactions occur instantaneously, enabling seamless global trade, financial inclusion, and decentralised applications at an unprecedented scale.

Breaking Boundaries


Our mission is to revolutionize the digital landscape with the fastest and quantum-resistant blockchain technology, achieving 1 million transactions per second (TPS). We empower global individuals and businesses through a secure, transparent, and scalable infrastructure.