The Optimal Architecture for Financial Institutions

DLTrust value transfer and exchange that are seamless, real-time, and cost-effective.

24/7/365 global settlement infrastructure for retail and wholesale payments. Plug into global financial market infrastructures with a full suite of ISO 15022 and ISO 20022 messages.

Capitalise on a new era of digital finance

Today's double-entry accounting system with separate messaging and settlement functions has led to the fragmented and inefficient transfer of value and high operational costs compounded by cumbersome onboarding and compliance management. But the dawn of a new era is here. Step into the future and break free from these limitations. Reduce clearing and settlement expenses and speed up payments today.

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Enabling the Financial Revolution

Digital assets and currencies are unleashing new investment opportunities and access to greater liquidity. Leverage DLTrust to manage the lifecycle of digital assets, optimise existing processes and capitalise on new, better ways of doing business.


Redefining the Banking Lifecycle

From issuance, where assets lack fractionalization and digitization, to the challenges of high costs, delayed confirmation and settlement, and poor data accuracy and availability during maintenance, DLtrust transforms the entire asset lifecycle for enhanced efficiency and seamless operations.

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